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Given its shortage of gas and oil resources, coal is the main fossil energy available for China. Against the backdrop of its rapid economic and social development as well as the trend to “go green” around the world, it is of great importance for China to mitigate pollution and reduce reliance on oil.

Wison Clean Energy is a reliable coal-to-gas supplier and provides products covering CO, hydrogen and syngas . Wison initiated commercial operation of the first phase for its clean coal chemicals as part of its Nanjing Chemical Plant in 2007 with a design capacity of 300 KTA CO, 300 KTA methanol and 15 KTA sulfur. In order to meet the increasing demands of gas in the Nanjing Plant, Wison commenced a second phase plant with added production capacity of 300 KTA CO, 21000Nm3/h hydrogen and 11000Nm3/h syngas. Through two years of development the plant has created a strong market for its products with a unique set of new downstream clients.

Wison is committed to environmental protection and has become a model practitioner of recycling for the economy. As an example, the company initiated a project using waste heat to generate power, a project which was subsequently awarded the “National Energy Efficiency Award”.

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