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Wison Engineering has always put extensive efforts in technological development and investment to strengthen its leadingposition in the industry. In 2013, the research and development center is completed in Shanghai, which will focus on research on new types of coal-to chemicals technologies, new petrochemical engineering and new energy technology. Moreover, Wison Engineering and Tianjin University will co-establish“Tianjin University – Wison Research & Development Center for Energy and Chemical Technologies” to develop leading synthesis gas-to-ethanol technology in China and to promote relevant technology in international markets. In the petrochemical, coal chemical, and other industries, Wison has accumulated more than 31 patented technology with independent intellectual property rights. To date many technologies have been commercialized and industrialized, particularly Wison Engineering can provide full set of technology in the areas of ethylene cracking furnace, methanol-to-olefin unit technology, new hybrid gasification technology,research on coal-to-ethylene glycol technology as well as butane oxidization and dehydrogenation catalyst and related technology.  

Areas of Innovation

Based on its experience with coal chemicals, Wison is developing a clean energy sector based on the integration of technology, research, and projects execution.

  • Advanced methanol to olefins separation technology

    Wison Engineering adopted a “Pre-cutting + Oil Absorption” process, replacing the traditional Methane Cryogenic Separation System, and without the cryogenic separation unit, to ultimately reduce investments on equipment as well as to decrease energy consumption and increase ethylene yield. In July 2010, this technology was applied to the first stage of 680 kt/a olefin separation unit of the demonstration plant for the Shanxi Pucheng Clean Energy Chemical Company Ltd.

  • Cooperating with Shell Company Ltd. to develop a new generation of clean coal gasification technology

    In China, Wison Engineering and Shell have jointly developed a new type of Hybrid Gasification Technology, which features low costs, greater possibilities for environmental protection, and extensive technological adaptability. The technology is developed to meet the expanding market demand of syngas from the coal chemical, hydrogen, and chemical fertilizer industry, ultimately making further contributions to the clean and effective use of China’s coal resources.

Coal chemical technologies

  • Independent R&D:

    - Olefin separation technology

    - Methanol heat pump distillation technology

    - Rectisol

    - WMTO

  • Co-R&D:

    - Syngas to ethylene glycol technology (Wison- Tianjin University-Guizhou Xinxin )

    - Syngas to ethanol technology(Wison-Tianjin University)

    - SNG technology

    - Bottom quench gasification technology (Shell-Wison)

Petrochemical technologies

  • Butene oxo-dehydrogenation to butadiene technology:
  • Quench oil viscosity reduction technology
  • Ethylene cracking furnace technologies

    - One of the six licensors in the world

    - Approximately 160 project track records, over 50% of which used Wison cracking furnace technologies

    - Over 60% of EPC projects market share in China

  • Optimization solution for plant energy-saving and cost-reduction

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