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Wison Engineering Proprietary MTO Technology

Wison Engineering have started to develop the MTO technology since 2006. Since its development in 2007, Wison Engineering’s separation technology in MTO plant has obtained four domestic invention patents and one invention patent in Indonesia. The technology has been adopted by enterprises such as Shandong Yangmei Hengtong Chemicals, Shenhua Xinjiang New Materials (神华新疆新材料),Jiangsu Sailboat Petrochemical and Pucheng Clean Energy.

This technology broke the bottleneck in the technological difficulties that existed in the domestic industry; hence, the China National Petroleum & Chemical Planning Institute selected it to be the recommended technology for the “Twelve-Five Coal-to-Olefins Upgrade Demonstration Project”, making it one of Wison Engineering’s core technologies.

The Wison Engineering olefin separation technology featured in the MTO project utilizes the Company’s proprietary “pre-cutting + oil absorption” technology, which reduces energy consumption and lowers investment costs while also improving the olefin recovery rate, allowing for more stable production and bringing longer operating cycles.

  • Adopt pre-cut & oil absorption technology to replace traditional cryogenic demethanization system, with simple flow, without cryogenic separation units and ethylene refrigeration compressor, few equipment investment and low energy consumption;
  • Adopt effective methods of depriving light gas such as nitrogen, oxygen gas, CO and DME, with simple and reliable flow as well as strong adaptation to the component changes of the raw material;
  • Adopt advanced technology and reasonable design to ensure the high efficiency of ethylene and propylene in case of low energy consumption;
  • Adopt effective measures to prevent coking and scale formation in the system as well as safety precautions so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the plant for a long period;
  • Overall process is integrated and optimized by general units as all units have successful experience on production and operation while with safe and reliable technology and free from the risk of industrialization.

Wison (Nanjing) Clean Energy MTO plant

With planned annual production of 300kta of ethylene/ propylene, the MTO plant is one of the production units of Wison (Nanjing) Clean Energy Co., Ltd. (“Wison Clean Energy”). The MTO plant, designed by Wison Engineering Ltd., is located in the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park. It has successfully produced qualified ethylene and propylene products which meet the requirements set for polymer products, with a purity of 99.98% and 99.8% for ethylene and propylene products respectively, marking the first commercialization of Wison Engineering’s olefin separation technology for MTO plants, and also demonstrating yet another successful commercialization case of China’s coal-to-olefins technology, which will facilitates the coal-to-chemical industry development roadmap in China.

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