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Wison Engineering Ltd.

Wison Engineering Ltd. is a subsidiary of Wison Group Holding Ltd. The company specializes in the provision of construction and technical services for engineering installations in the petrochemical, coal chemical and refining industries. From project planning and consultation to design, procurement and construction phase project management, as well as start-up and operational services. Wison Engineering provides one-stop solutions to domestic and international clients. The company offers a variety of contracting arrangements for the construction and management of large-scale chemical engineering installations, including: EPC (Engineering - Procurement - Construction), EM+PC (Engineering Management + Procurement - Construction), EP (Engineering - Procurement), PC (Procurement - Construction) and PMC (Project Management - Contract).

Wison Engineering is committed to research, development and innovation in the coal chemical, petrochemical and fine chemical industries, particularly in the areas of ethylene cracking, ethylene separation, coal gasification, methanol-to-olefins (MTO, MTP), low-temperature methanol wash, and lignite coal usage. The company has accumulated a wealth of experience in the petrochemical and chemical industries, achieving outstanding results.

Wison Engineering is recognized as a "Hi-Tech Enterprise" by the City of Shanghai, and is also a nationally recognized "Model Enterprise" for technological innovation within the Chinese chemical industry. It is further acclaimed as a "AAA-rated Enterprise" by the Chinese Petroleum and Chemical design industry with a national level award standing. More significantly, a number of Wison Engineering's proprietary technologies have garnered international recognition.

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