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In 2004, the first Wison culture BBS was held, titled "Innovation, Challenges and Personal Growth".

In 2005, the "Wison Art Center" held their first art exhibition. A group of well-known artists from home and abroad helped the center leave lasting footprints through the art displayed.

Since 2008, the Wison group has sponsored a China-Europe international business school New Year Concert. Every New Year, alumni can gather in central Europe on "Wison Night", to “let go” from a year of exhaustion and enjoy elegant art exhibits that provide them with relaxation and cheerfulness. Wison provides the investment to relieve stress and create an inspiring atmosphere for the hard working employees as well as a modern recreational space to explore the nature of science and technology in the same humanistic spirit with innovative thinking.

In 2011, the Wison Group sponsored the "Wison Shi Nai’an Prize for Literature". The award aims to encourage others to create contemporary Chinese narrative writings exploring art in-depth. This will promote the innovation of Chinese novels and create a promising future for Chinese literature. Furthermore, it will play a positive role in promoting the reputation of Chinese literature around the world. The Wison Group is rapidly growing and at the same time, is committed to becoming a responsible corporate citizen with our partners. This is one of Wison’s long-term strategies for creating social values, promoting human development and a harmonious co-existence with the natural environment. The "Wison Shi Nai’an Prize for Literature " is exactly in line with this vision, and helps Wison meet those goals.

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