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Corporate Citizenship


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Corporate Citizenship

By taking the tenet of "benefiting people through science and technology" to heart, Wison has been actively undertaking its due social responsibilities.

Stakeholders:Wison focuses on establishing the most effective corporate management structure possible to lead the company. Moreover, Wison actively works to establish, build and maintain relationships with investors and endeavors to create economic benefits to reward our shareholders. Wison maintains the concept that our ‘customers are superior’.

Partners:Wison considers partners to be an indispensable resource and strives to foster and develop the relationship with a “Win-Win” mentality. Wison insists on the principle: ”Create benefits for our partners and mature with them”. Every success that Wison achieves in the global market can be credited to the relationship with our partners.

Employees:Wison considers human resources as our most important asset. We strive to provide competitive and reasonable compensation through a performance management system and training programs to create opportunities for all employees.

While running our corporation and cultivating our culture, Wison never forgets the responsibility of helping people in our society. We do our utmost to practicing what we preach - “benefit people through science and technology” – by devoting significant efforts to the development of education and improving people’s lives.


Care for Education

  • Wison Hope Elementary School
  • Wison Innovation Scholarship
  • Wison Scholarship
  • Wison Hope Elementary School Summer Camp
  • Wison “Hope Star” Grand-in-Aid Activities

Care for Peoples Livelihood

  • Show our kindness and generosity and accumulate the human influence.
  • Whenever a disaster happens, Wisoners always show concerns to our brothers and sisters and make great efforts to care for their life and livelihood. No matter the size of the effort, they are indeed a reflection of our deep love for the society.

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