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With an experienced construction management team and extensive construction subcontractor resources, Wison Engineering delivers the clients highly-efficient, safe, environmentally-friendly construction management services. Meanwhile, we developed an atmosphere of mutual respect and sharing throughout the entire construction process, in order to achieve a win-win outcome with subcontractors.

  • Resources for construction management:

    - About 200 construction engineers, over 60% of whom have more than 15 years of project experiences

    - 200+ qualified construction subcontractors worldwide

  • Professional and standardized construction management services:

    - Plane construction planning and preparation

    - Optimize construction organization and implementation plans in line with engineering

    - Giant equipment hoisting and transportation

    - Self-developed welding system

    - Modula fabrication services

  • Integrated construction management:

    - Structured and procedural control mechanism built on the self-developed project management platform, avoiding uncertainties created by human factors and improving project execution efficiency.

    - Effective management through detailed Inspection and Test Plan for construction

    - Attention to close non-conformity report and continuous improvements.

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