Cracking Furnace Technology

Based on a proven track record of delivering technology and projects, Wison has become an industry leader in the supply of project construction and technical services for cracking furnaces – the core unit of petrochemical plants.

Through this effort, Wison has established a strong value chain to provide ethylene cracking technology and services. In particular, we have developed proprietary ethylene cracking furnace technologies, a reliable procurement and supply network, an ethylene cracking furnace tube manufacturing base and logistics center of cracking furnace spare parts located in Yangzhou, and strong relationships with the world’s major ethylene technology licensors. In turn, this capability is supported by a team of specialists who have been engaged in the engineering design, procurement, construction and operation of cracking furnaces for several years.

Wison Engineering constructed 18 out of 24 large-scale production facilities for ethylene and its downstream products in China and recorded 155 successful cases, of which 51 units used Wison cracking furnace technology as of 2015.

Wison provides not only first-class services in executing cracking furnace projects for ethylene, but also, based on its extensive knowledge and involvement in a various types of cracking furnaces, long-term customized support for process optimization, maintenance and spare parts, technology upgrading and renewal of equipment and materials. In addition to its ethylene cracking capabilities, Wison also can apply this expertise to other similar technologies such as coal gasifiers, hydrogen making reformers, reactors, incinerators and fired heaters.

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