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Wison hopes that all children from less privileged families can go to school and better their lives through education.

Developing the Wison Hope Elementary School was our first step in securing education for children in China by providing them an opportunity to learn. Various grants and scholarship endowments were given to students in poor areas of China, provided that every school has a "Noah’s Ark" program for elementary education. These contributions are drivers for the “Noah’s Ark" schools and secure their continual and stable advancement.

Wison Hope Elementary School

”Once a project is completed, a hope elementary school can be built”.. Wison believes this vision will provide continual care for local schools in areas where Wison’s projects are executed. Since 2004, Wison has aided in building three Hope Elementary Schools, which are situated in remote areas near Wison’s projects. With our assistance, more than 600 elementary school students will obtain the chance to have new classrooms.

The Wison Hope Elementary School in Da Tian Zhuang County of the Qimeng Mountain area, in the Shangdong Province, is the first Hope Elementary School that the Wison Group helped build. This school was opened in 2004, and covers a total area of 5,000 square meters with space for 225 students. As part of this development, two new buildings were erected and equipped with a computer room, library, laboratory, instrument room and music room. These resources provide a firm foundation for students to enrich their knowledge and cultivate their interests.

With the support of the local government, all children that are eligible attend school and not one child has dropped out.

Among the 15 full-time teachers, six possess Bachelor’s degrees, and seven have special education backgrounds. Four teachers were awarded first place in a teaching competition designated for their specific county, two teachers received second place, and an additional two teachers took part in the education competition of that city. Even more impressive is the fact that there are five teachers who were awarded the title of “teaching master-hand” in that county. With the efforts of all the teachers and students, the educational quality of this school has been steadily increasing during the last several years, resulting in high rankings among schools in that countryside. The school also has been recognized several times as an advanced unit by the central elementary school system.

In November of 2006, the Wison Hope Elementary School in Tong Wei County of the Gansu Province was constructed and put into use. In that county, part of the population remains in the low income level; some children live with disabled or ill family members, and some live in single-parent households. Because of these special reasons, it is difficult for many students to take the time to attend school. Consequently, the local government firmly believes that “Everything that we do is for the sake of the children, for all children and to meet the needs of all of the children”.

To support this belief, the government collected funds and carried out poverty alleviation and student aid funding programs. After witnessing the difficulty of local children in going to school, Wison volunteered to build this elementary school, which has a total area of 2,886 square meters and can accommodate 156 students. Currently, it has seven teachers.

On 30 September 2008, the dreams of many teachers and students in Moyu County of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region were answered when the Wison Hope Elementary School was opened and children were welcomed into its spacious, bright classrooms.

Moyu County is a very poor area where many local children are forced to drop out of school to do agricultural work. Like the region, the schools are similarly destitute, with many not having classrooms, desks, chairs or textbooks.

After learning of the educational conditions in Moyu County, Wison sent specifically commissioned employees to investigate the area and perform an inspection of the conditions. As a result, Wison donated 400,000 RMB and, in collaboration with the Moyu County government, built a new school. This new facility has a total area of 4,612 square meters, and can accommodate 300 elementary school students. We sincerely hope that the education and experience the children have there will be a new start for successful life.

Words from the children's heart Longing and wishful eyes

Wison hopes that all children from poor families can go to school and can be cultivated by knowledge.

Wison Innovation Scholarship

Every year since 2005, Wison has donated 30,000 RMB to Xinhua’s No.1 Middle School, in the Hunan Province, to fund the “Wison Innovation Scholarship”. This scholarship is a reward for students who have an innovative spirit and ability. The scholarship also helps teachers who implement innovative ideas into their curriculum and provide students with a quality education.

The purpose of this scholarship is to support a students’ interest and love for science, their willingness to study science and their innovative spirit and ability. It also serves to award students and teachers who have an outstanding ability to innovate and who make significant achievements towards science, as well as advance the development of a quality education.

Three categories of students and teachers are eligible for this scholarship. The first category for award consists of students and their supervisors who create inventions and handcrafts projects, write a small thesis, and those who make significant achievements on their research and study of their subject. The second category is for students who gain good achievements in national science competitions such as the Mathematics Olympic Games, Physics Olympic Games, Chemistry Olympic Games, Biology Olympic Games, information technology competitions and English innovation competitions. The third category is for teachers who make outstanding innovative achievements in providing a quality education. Over the past several years there have been approximately 60 teachers per year who received the Wison Innovation Scholarship.

Wison Scholarship

With the vision and intention every year to "alleviate poverty and help to educate poor students", Wison has awarded twice as many scholarships to those excellent students who study in Wison Hope Elementary schools. The students from grade 1 to grade 6 whose total scores rank in the top three in their respective levels as well as those students who rank first in any one subject will be eligible for the Wison Scholarship. These scholarships will, to some extent, lessen the economic burdens on those students who are from poor families, and more importantly, provide affirmations and encouragement for the efforts that children have made in their studies.

June 2006, the Award Ceremony for Wison Scholarship
Wison Hope Elementary School Summer Camp

The prospect of a bright future can have a positive influence on a child's outlook toward their studies. As such, since 2005, Wison has awarded scholarships every semester to invite students from Wison Hope Elementary schools to to take part in summer camp in Shanghai. This privilege is offered to students whose total scores in all subjects of final exams rank highest in their respective levels, and who are excellent in their studies and behavior.

In Shanghai, children in the Summer Camp visit the Wison Technical Park, landmark buildings and places promoting popular science. Through these visits, they learn of the world outside of their home towns. Moreover, they establish close friendships with children from Shanghai after they have studied and played together and have shared knowledge and built relationships with one another.

Children from Wison Hope elementary schools in the summer camp
Wison "Hope Star" Grand-in-aid Activities

At Wison, compassion for society and education has been gradually integrated into the corporation's humanitarian spirit. Under the leadership of the company, more Wisoners voluntarily join groups that show their concern for the society. Since 2004, Wison started the activity named Wison Hope Star "one plus one". Wisoners who voluntarily take part in this activity, donate 200 RMB every year to help poor students from the Hope Elementary Schools, to continue and complete their studies. Since these children are living in remote areas, communication is extremely difficult, thus Wison's employees can only communicate with children they support through writing letters. In those letters, they can describe the outside world to the children and encourage them to study hard. Since October 2008, approximately 600 elementary school students have received support from Wisoners.

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