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Engineering & Design

Wison Engineering has an 800-person high-calibrated engineering team, which includes one national-level design master and approx. 200 senior engineers. With more than 200 successful track records across a number of industrial sectors, Wison accumulated experiences in a wide range of engineering assignments, from FEED and overall design, to basic and detailed engineering. We have provided engineering & design services to well-known international companies such as BASF, Sabic, Shell and Honeywell. We are also allied with international engineering companies to achieve a win-win cooperation.

Strong capability in new technology

Many our experienced engineers are technical experts. Backed by their in-depth knowledge of chemical plants, we continuously optimize and upgrade core technologies through engineering applications to maintain our competitive advantages. So far, we have successfully completed engineering development for a couple of new technologies including olefin separation, butadiene, ethylene glycol and residue hydrogenation.

Modular design

Wison Engineering establishes a professional design team to execute feasibility studies, basic and detailed engineering for the modular projects, during which specific designs for shipping, land transportation and equipment lifting are provided. Meanwhile, by leveraging synergies with Wison Offshore & Marine’s fabrication yards, it offers integrated solutions to clients in modular engineering and fabrication.

Typical case of modular projects: Hyundai-Wison RPLC modular project

  • · Jointly executed by Wison and HDEC and HEC
  • ·First detailed engineering for a modular project undertaken by Wison Engineering
  • ·Modules were fabricated at Wison Offshore & Marine’s yard


Digital engineering

Wison Engineering has achieved data-centric project execution. It applies Smart Plant systems to share information in structured-data form among different functions, so as to enable advanced work process. In addition, the unified material coding and data sourcing enhance the engineering management and quality. The final digital delivery supports clients in their operations and maintenance during the plant’s life cycle.

Typical case of digital engineering: Xinjiang Dushanzi Tianli Industries’ 40kt/a styrene plant project

  • ·Wison Engineering's first project delivered via digital engineering
  • ·Project completed in June 2014 and qualified project was output in Oct, 2014
  • ·Wison Engineering undertook basic and detailed engineering for styrene plant, as well as the plant site planning
  • ·A comprehensive database was established, laying a solid foundation for the further digital project delivery


Wison Engineering

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