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• Wison (Nanjing) Chemical Co. was awarded a 2009 Tax Contribution forthe Nanjing Chemical Park.
• Wison(Nantong)Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was awarded ISO14001/OHSAS18001 certification.

• Fushun awarded the PMT of Wison Engineering Ltd. as the designation of an "Excellent Prime Contractor".

• The MTO process developed by Wison was employed by Pucheng Clean Energy Co., marking a major step for Wison in coal chemicals.
• Wison Science and Technology Park was listed in the "To Know Pudong Exhibition" of the Shanghai Expo.

• Wison became a permanent member of the CPCIF.

• Wison Engineering Ltd. was listed as a leading model of Shanghai Corporate Culture in the engineering industry.

• Wison Engineering Ltd. cooperated with Shell to develop coal gasification technology and established a demonstrative plant in Nanjing. The two companies decided to collaborate to achieve commercialization of that technology and continue their cooperation in other coal gasification processes.

• Shanghai Zerun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. signed a contract for the supply of aimmugen to Indian Biopharm companies.

• The 2010 Wison Cracking Furnace Technology Forum was held with the theme of "Energy Conservation and Innovation for a Win-Win Future"
• Shanghai Zerun Biotechnology Co., Ltd was upgraded to an "A" classification in the list of "Shanghai Honest Enterprise" companies.