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• Boasting the world's largest production capacity, the ethylene cracking furnace built by Wison Engineering, was successfully put into operation in the Yangtze – BASF.
• Wison Telecom Technology's Data Accelerating Optimization Project won in the fierce competition and signed the contract with domestic telecom enterprises like Shanghai Telecom, Jiangsu Telecom, Hunan Mobile, Anhui Mobile, etc.
Wison (Nantong) Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. delivered the 47000 DWT bulk vessel M010

• Wison Engineering and Shell signed a cooperational contract to jointly develop a brand new low-cost hybrid gasification demonstration plant.

• Wison (Nanjing) Clean Energy Co. won a certificate of honor from the Ministry of Education for its extraordinary contribution to technology advancement in the research and commercialization for the "New Methanol Synthesize Reactor".

• Together with South Korea's Daelim, Wison Engineering signed the MDI project contract with BASF Chongqing , marking a big step forward in international business cooperation.
• Zerun Biotechnology's self-developed HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer got SFDA's clinical approval,gaining widely attention at home and abroad.
• Construction work on the Wison R & D building project, situated in the middle area of Zhangjiang, began in 2011 and is to be put into use in October, 2012.

• An office of Wison Engineering Ltd. was set up in Jakarta, Indonesia, working as a new driving force to expand its market share in Southeast Asia
• The Wison Group entered into strategic agreement with China Minsheng Bank for its finance management., defining that the two parties would cooperate in credit, finance, consultation,etc.

• Wison Energy signed gas supply contracts with Celanese, Blue Star and Air Products. This is the first time it intends to provide pure oxygen product to the downstream product clients.

• Wison Engineering has sponsored a fourth school in China as part of the company's hope primary school project, the Wangqingmen Town school, located in Fushun City, Liaoning Province.

• Wison Offshore & Marine won BPZ's bid and signed the contract of world's first marine drilling buoyancy tower and production platform.

• The monoclonal antibody products developed by Genor BioPharma succeeded in clinical trials in Australia.


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