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The Wison group is a diversified corporation focusing on energy investments and services. With decades of experience in large-scale high technology projects and project management, the group has grown to encompass three business sectors spanning from Engineering Services, Offshore & Marine and Investment Business .

With headquarters in the Zhangjiang High-tech Park in Pudong, Shanghai, the Wison Group has expanded its presence into the international market including Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, as well as in North and South America.

The Wison Group is dedicated to providing professional and high-quality products and services to customers. Its principle activities focus on facilitating the basic energy resources closely linked to socio-economic progress, such as coal, oil and natural gas.

Wison Engineering Services Co. Ltd. (Wison Engineering,Stock Code:2236) is a member of the Wison Group. The company stands asone of leading chemical engineering, procurement and construction management (EPC) service providers in all of China. Wison’s specialties are in the provision of construction and technical services for engineering installations in the petrochemical, coal-to-chemical and refining industries. From project consultation and planning to the design, procurement and construction phases, as well as the start-up and operational services, Wison provides comprehensive solutions for our domestic and foreign clients.

Wison Engineering is committed to R&D and technological innovation in the areas of ethylene process integration, coal-to-chemical, clean coal utilization and energy saving technologies. Wison has also developed various proprietary technologies, including cracking furnace technologies and coal-to-chemical processing of Methanol, Dimethyl Ether and MTO light olefins separation. Wison Engineering has also further developed other coal-to-chemical processing such as large-scale coal gasification, SNG, and coal-to-ethylene glycol in cooperation with other well-reputed organizations.

Wison Offshore & Marine is the upstream oil and gas division of the Wison Group. The company’s services cover the full life cycle of project delivery, from facility design and engineering, to project management, construction, commissioning and operations. This expertise can be applied to all types of oil and gas developments, particularly in the areas of offshore LNG applications and facilities, fixed platforms and modules, marine and offshore support vessels, mooring systems, offshore lifting equipment, Wison Offshore & Marine is capable of executing engineering and design activities out of its headquarters in Shanghai, China, as well as Houston, Texas, USA, and perform fabrication of facilities from its two world-class yards in Nantong and Zhoushan, China.

Business Investment is a major development focus of the Wison Group. It will extend the current business portfolio and secure the resources for the downstream sectors of the group. As a major focus for development, the business investment sector will leverage its existing technologies and industry networks to fund business investments in petrochemicals, natural gas, coal conversion, methanol, fine and special chemicals. Wison (Nanjing) Clean Energy Co., Ltd. was a successful investment case in this sector. The Wison Group later in 2015, transferred the shareholding of Wison (Nanjing) Clean Energy Co., Ltd. to Chengzhi Shareholding Co Ltd..

Acting as a responsible corporate citizen, the Wison Group places high importance on employee safety and environmental protection. Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) guidelines are strictly implemented in every aspect of the group's corporate strategy and project management initiatives. The Wison Group's stringent QHSE systems help protect employees, clients, business partners as well as the public. These health and safety protocols are also constantly being refined, improved and updated to reflect the ever-changing environment.

Engineering Services
Wison Engineering provides complete engineering and delivery services for downstream projects, from the initial engineering feasibility stage to the mechanical completion and facility start-up.
Offshore & Marine
Wison Offshore & Marine has a proven integrated international execution team capable of designing, fabricating and delivering complete oil and gas facilities for the offshore and marine market.
Business Investment
The Business Investment Sector at Wison allows the group to fully leverage its technology and industry networks. Wison’s investment sector concentrates on petrochemicals, natural gas chemicals, coal chemicals, methanol chain and fine chemicals.

Wison Engineering

Wison Offshore & Marine

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