Wison’s Achievements in Engineering Digitalization Recognized by China Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Survey and Design Association

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Wison’s Achievements in Engineering Digitalization Recognized by China Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Survey and Design Association

Dec 02,2013        

SHANG HAI, 2 December 2013 – Wison Engineering Services Co. Ltd. (“Wison Engineering” or the “Company”, SEHK stock code: 2236, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”), a private sector chemical engineering, procurement and construction management (“EPC”) service provider in China, announced that China Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Survey and Design Association (“CPCESDA” or the “Association”) Honorary President Yuan Niu, Vice President Yu Shaojun and four other members recently visited the Group’s Headquarters at Shanghai Wison Centre. Upon their visit, the Association recognized Wison Engineering’s endeavours in digitalization, and encouraged the Group to make further achievement in promoting the digitalization of China’s energy and chemical engineering industries.

Wison Engineering announced in this year’s interim report that the Company introduced and implemented its extensive “digitalization”, “standardization”, “modularisation” and “cloud computing” plans with the aim of leveraging advanced information tools to progressively digitalize its project delivery. This not only strengthens the smooth running-through of the different project stages, achieves integrated design and engineering, reduces errors and enhances efficiency, but also brings greater convenience for plants owners in their daily operations, inspections and maintenance as well as central control room management, so as to help the clients to achieve the advanced visual management. With a team of nearly one thousand engineers, Wison Engineering has already established engineering centres in Shanghai, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Tianjin and Wuhan, and has gathered a large number of talents in petrochemical and coal-to-chemical industry. Areas such as 3-D plant design, instrument design and engineering, and process package design have already undergone digitalization.

President Yuan said, “Digitalization is an inevitable trend in the development of the petrochemical industry. Being a representative of private chemical EPC services providers in China, Wison Engineering has already taken the first step, and has achieved encouraging results. We sincerely hope that Wison, with its new achievements in digitalization, can continue to make persistent efforts in driving other institutions to advance and promote the industry to achieve diversified development.”

Mr. Zhang Xuzhi, Senior Vice President of Wison Engineering, said, “The high recognition that CPCESDA has shown towards Wison Engineering is very encouraging for us. To digitalize and optimize our operation management with advanced information technology has long been among our development strategies. We are very pleased to contribute our effort in enhancing the sharing of engineering resources and to advance the level of information technology in the industry.”

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