Wison Offshore & Marine successfully completes the delivery of key modularized components for the RPLC refinery project

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Wison Offshore & Marine successfully completes the delivery of key modularized components for the RPLC refinery project

Oct 10,2016        

Shanghai, China, October 10th, 2016 — Wison Offshore & Marine Ltd. (Wison Offshore & Marine) today announced its final delivery of key modularized components construction project for Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) RPLC refinery plant, followingthe load-out of the last batch of modules.


The project was awarded to Wison Offshore & Marine by Hyundai-Wison consortium consisting of Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd., Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd. and Wison Engineering Ltd., for the supply of key modularized components including pipe racks and equipment modules. Project scope covers fabrication of altogether 94 modules up to the size of 30m x 10m x 17m each, with a total weight of 26,000 tons. The modules were delivered in nine batches. All modules will be used in 11 parts of the refinery plant, including the hydrogen treatment facilities, the vacuum distillation unit, the cooling water system unit, the waste water system unit and the flare system unit. The project was executed over the course of 20 months.




This is a modular fabrication project for a large-scale refinery .  In the course of the work, Wison’s team has gained valuable lessons learned to further enhance its experience in module project management and building up its own know-how in modular fabrication covering areas like delamination fabrication, dimensional accuracy control for module construction, piping pressure testing, material coding and process tracking, hoisting operations for large modules, modular load-out, sea fastening and transportation.


“We are very pleased that all modules for the RPLC project were delivered successfully,” said Junsung Park, Module Manager for the RPLC Deep Conversion Project from Hyundai Engineering and Construction. “During the manufacturing phase, we had several difficulties but Wison Offshore & Marine was able to overcome every crisis. With their solid foundation of production process know-how, we hope to maintain a good partnership for the next project and new world markets.”


“We would like to thank the Client and all partners for their support throughout the project as it was crucial in ensuring a successful delivery of high quality standards and right on schedule,” said Mr. An Wenxin, Senior Vice President of Wison Offshore & Marine. “With our two world-class fabrication yards in Zhoushan and Nantong and vast experience in project execution, large-scale modular fabrication projects have become one of our core businesses. Successful delivery of this project has greatly enriched our project management experience in modular construction for large-scale onshore chemical facilities , establishing a good track record and positioning Wison Offshore & Marine well in this field.”


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