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Wison Engineering Named "The Pilot Corporation of Proprietary Work in Shanghai for Year 2017"

Aug 25,2017        

Shanghai, China, Aug 24th, 2017 - Recently, Wison Engineer Ltd. ("Wison Engineering", "The Company") was selected to be "The Pilot Corporation of Proprietary Work in Shanghai for Year 2017" and the notice has been published on the official website of Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration.


To be the pilot corporation of proprietary work in Shanghai will have a significant influence to Wison Engineering on the technological development and innovation, and will improve our ability on the patented invention, application, protection and management. The Company will receive more support on the intellectual property management standardization construction and the patent administration, which includes the patent strategy, the patent database, the early warning platform, the patent personnel training, and the patent insurance. The Company's intellectual property management level will be strongly improved. 


Wison Engineering has been committed to innovation and technology development since it was founded in 1997. Adhere to be an innovation-driven company, Wison Engineering focuses on developing clean and green technology to contribute to the society and was awarded "The High-tech Corporation in Shanghai" and "The Technological Innovation Demonstration Corporation in the Chinese petrochemical industry". Through self-innovation and alliance-based joint development, Wison Engineering has continuously provided a large number of advance technologies. The Company fully respects the parties' rights on intellectual property and emphasizes the protection of knowledge production in law, not only jointly developing the proprietary technologies, but also earning the trust and respect from all partners.


At present, Wison Engineering owns more than 10 proprietary technologies, including Cracking Furnace Technology, Methanol to Olefins Purification Technology, Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Butene to Butadiene Technology, Rectisol Wash Process, Methanol Heat Pump Distillation Technology, Syngas to Ethylene Glycol Complete Technology, Bottom-Quench Gasification Technology and VESTA Machination without Recycling Technology, and 71 authorized patents.

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