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Wison Engineering Announces "Belt and Road" Development Strategy

Celebration of the 5th Anniversary of Wison's Hong Kong Listing

Nov 30,2017        


(Shanghai, China, November 30, 2017) Wison Engineering Services Co. Ltd. ("Wison Engineering", SEHK stock code: 2236) one of the leading chemical engineering, procurement and construction management ("EPC") service providers in China, yesterday hosted its strategic outlook conference themed "Striving a New Venture inCohesion". Mr. Liu Haijun, President of Wison Engineering attended the conference with Wison management team, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Wison Engineering and the 5th anniversary of its successful listing in Hong Kong. The Company announced its development strategies for the next 5-10 years,to focus on the energy and chemical industries; to consolidate its foundation; to continue its internationalization strategy, to provide differentiated services, in order to realize the goal of a synergistic development of the various businesses that can iron out the cyclical fluctuations in the industry. Also, the Company unveiled its new logo and new slogan of "Ignite · Innovation" during the conference.


Mr. Liu Haijun, President of Wison Engineering, said: "Through our relentless efforts over the past 20 years, Wison Engineering has grown into a leading Chinese and an acclaimed international provider of chemical EPC services and technology. We specialize in providing technology, engineering and construction services for petrochemicals, coal chemicals and oil refining industries. Due to the sluggish global economy over the past few years, most companies in the petroleum industry faced the corresponding downturn. However, since the second half of 2016, with global economic growth recovery, Wison Engineering has returned to fast-track developments based on our advanced technologies and excellent project execution management abilities, and continued our technological innovations and active market expansion. This year, Wison Engineering's proprietary technology of Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Butene to Butadiene (ODH) has been recognized to reach an internationally advanced standard and MTO olefin separation technology was recognized as a leading international technology by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and the technologies realized their industrial application for the 2nd and 11th time respectively. This year, we also successfully entered the U.S. market and signed a contract with Formosa Plastics with our advantage in modularization. At the same time, two EPC projects with SABIC achieved mechanical completion advanced of the schedule."


The "Belt and Road" initiative has been mentioned five times in the meeting report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The policy emphasizes that China will pursue development with its doors open, establishing a platform for international cooperation to increase the number of new, common growth drivers, with energy cooperation being a key area of development that the "Belt and Road" policy advocates. Countries covered by the "Belt and Road" initiative are among the world’s most economically active areas with fast growth in energy consumption and booming market demand. They are the world's largest consumers of energy resources and have a huge development potential on energy insudtry and basic construction.


Mr. Liu Haijun said: "Under the current global and domestic market conditions, responding to the needs of China with the expertise of Wison Engineering has become the priority of our company. Wison Engineering will continue to consolidate its market competitiveness in China, while expanding its overseas business. Over the past 20 years, Wison Engineering has continuously deepened its strategy of internationalization and has obtained successful experience in regions such as the Middle East, North America and South America. In the future, the Company will capitalize on Hong Kong as an international hub for finance, trade and shipping, as well as the abundant advantage that "One Country, Two Systems" brings about, to accelerate the strategic business deployment of the Company along the "Belt and Road" region, to offer to the world the advanced technology and quality services."


At the news conference, Wison Engineering unveiled its brand-new logo and announced the new corporate slogan of "Ignite · Innovation". The new Wison logo represents a new page in the Company's development, and the Company's innovative spirit is shown through the combined use of graphic and text in the new logo. The graphic part retains the element of red from the original Wison logo while the use of a navy blue represents the technological and digital aspects of Wison. Such combination implies that Wison will embark on a future journey of wisdom with a profound brand heritage. The graphic embodies the meaning of upward development and exploration, representing Wison spirit of breaking through tradition with innovation, and by guiding market demand, igniting the vigor through digitalization. The new slogan of "Ignite · Innovation" showcases the determination for change and innovation of Wison Engineering. The Company aspires to tap a new path through innovation and lead the industry to serve its customers for a new future.


Mr. Liu Haijun emphasized: "The upgrade in corporate branding comes with an upgrade in the corporate business strategy. On the back of our current energy business, we will through digital transformation to build up our technological and digital strength, thereby opening up a path of sustainable development of energy."


"In the future, Wison Engineering will continue to seek breakthroughs in the energy industry and make best use of digital technologies and capital with all its partners. The Company will improve cooperation with customers and business partners, through new theories and practices, to bring about a newer, brighter future for the energy and chemical industry. By continuously strengthening our capabilities, developing overseas markets deeply and expanding the business coverage, we will endeavor to deliver excellent returns to investors, create value for the market and make contributions to society." Mr. Liu Haijun added.

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