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Wison Engineering Awarded First Prize of "2017 Excellent Design of Construction Project"

Jan 08,2018        

Wison Engineering was awarded first prize in the "2017 Excellent Design of Construction Project" by China Association of Construction Enterprise Management ("CACEM"). The prize recognizes Wison Engineering's EPC-contracted 300 kt/a polyethylene plant and PE/PP packaging warehouse project, part of the 1.8 mt/a Methanol and 700kt/a Polyolefin Project owned by Pucheng Clean Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.



Wison Engineering was responsible for the project's general design, basic and detail engineering design, and EPC management. Wison Engineering applied the patented UNIPOLTM PE process from UNIVATION Technologies on the project, using polymer grade ethylene as its main raw material. Through the comonomer with high efficiency catalyst, the powder resin is formed by low pressure gas phase polymerization in a fluidized bed.


During the design process, Wison Engineering focused on quality management, implementing legal and regulatory requirements as well as quality system documentation. Drawing on its experience working on similar projects, Wison Engineering strictly executed all review work in order to strengthen coordination among various professional parties to ensure the design quality of the plant and warehouse.


Wison Engineering also worked on an innovative domestic balance model of vapor phase-polyethylene process materials, which optimized and adjusted the steam condensate recovery system from the design and maximized energy efficiency. The model innovation was verified by a novelty-checking institution on April 11, 2017.


The project's design process began on August 17, 2010, and Wison Engineering delivered the project on October 30, 2014. The project produced qualified products on January 4, 2015. Since operations began, the device has been running smoothly and the control panel has remained safe and reliable, in accordance with design specifications and the requirements of performance test. It has created good economic benefits for Pucheng Clean Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.


Wison Engineering previously won the "2016-2017 National Quality Engineering Award" given by CACEM for its EPC constructed work on the extension of 800kt/a Ethylene Project for PetroChina Fushun Petrochemical Company.

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