Wison Unveils Butene Oxidization and Dehydrogenation Tech

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Wison Unveils Butene Oxidization and Dehydrogenation Tech

Apr 18,2013         by DownstreamToday.com

Wison Engineering Ltd. (“Wison Engineering” or the "Company"), China’s largest private chemical EPC contractor announced Tuesday it participated in the C4 Comprehensive Utilization Seminar & the 3rd Butadiene Industry Salon and delivered a keynote speech on the export trend of C4 and butadiene in the European and US markets. During the speech, Wison Engineering also introduced its leading proprietary butene oxidization and dehydrogenation technology.

Mr. Li Yansheng, technical director and chief technologist of Wison Engineering, said, “In the coming years, growth in annual butadiene consumption will far exceed global expansion in capacity. Shortage in supply will be a common trend for a certain period of time. In recent years, due to a slowdown in economic growth and the relocation of some downstream enterprises, the increase of butadiene demand in the Western countries has fallen below the global average, while the Asia region has become the world’s largest producer and consumer of butadiene (according to the statistics of 2011). In China, demand for butadiene has risen significantly due to the increasing number of synthetic rubber projects.”

To cater to the tremendous demand for butadiene in the domestic market, Wison Engineering’s
proprietary butene oxidization and dehydrogenation technology can boost butadiene production while reducing the investment costs and energy consumption, thereby generating more economic benefits for enterprises.

The new technology, featuring a new catalyst with better performance, was developed by Wison Engineering (with patent applied) based on the traditional B-02 iron-based catalyst technology, which enables the one-way conversion rate and yield rate 3-4% and 2-3% higher compared to the traditional technology respectively. The capacity of a single butadiene production line using this technology can reach up to 100,000 tons/year. Meanwhile, the separation component adopts NMP extractive distillation technology, which will greatly reduce investment costs and save energy consumption.

Furthermore, this new technology has certain features that are suitable for large-scale production, such as reactor technology, wastewater reuse and renewable catalysts in production. Currently Wison Engineering has already completed most of the work for the process package design of a butadiene plant with capacity of 75,000 ton/year.

Media Link: http://www.downstreamtoday.com/news/article.aspx?a_id=39281

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