Wison Engineering and Tianjin University Co-establish“Tianjin University – Wison Research & Development Center for Energy and Chemical Technologies”

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Wison Engineering and Tianjin University Co-establish“Tianjin University – Wison Research & Development Center for Energy and Chemical Technologies”

Jun 20,2013         by Collaboration with Top University in China to Further Enhance Research and Development Capabilities

Shanghai,China (June 20, 2013) – Wison Engineering Services Co. Ltd. (“Wison Engineering” or “the company”), the largest private sector chemical engineering, procurement and construction management (“EPC”) service provider in China, announced that Wison Engineering Ltd, one of the company’s indirect non-wholly owned subsidiaries, has entered into a cooperative agreement with Tianjin University, one of the top universities in China, to co-establish the “Tianjin University – Wison Research & Development Center for Energy and Chemical Technologies”. The collaboration will not only drive the commercialisation of energy and chemical technology, but will also initiate research studies featuring cutting-edge technology in the sector to promote the integration of industrial and academical research. As such, the transformation of research results to productivity will be expedited while more proprietary technologies and facilities with intellectual property rights will be developed by both parties.

The primary objective of the joint R&D center is to develop leading synthesis gas-to-ethanol technology in China and to promote relevant technology in international markets. In the next five years, the joint R&D center envisions to complete the development and engineering of various synthesis gas-to-ethanol roadmaps. Meanwhile, the two parties will jointly conduct exclusive research on innovative and cutting edge technologies which are recognized by both parties in the energy and chemical sector to maintain its leading and advantageous position. Upon its completion in the next few years, the joint R&D center aims to become an important state-level R&D center in the energy and chemical industry in China.

The establishment of the joint R&D center represents a closer cooperative relationship following the cooperation in coal-to-ethylene glycol technologies between both parties in May 2011. Mr. Cui Ying, Senior Vice President of Wison Engineering, said, “We are pleased to forge a closer cooperation with Tianjin University, one of China’s top universities. The R&D center will leverage Tianjin University’s excellent R&D capabilities and Wison Engineering’s extensive research capabilities and expertise in engineering services to expedite the development, research and commercialization of synthesis gas-to-methanol technology. In addition, the collaboration is set to boost Wison Engineering’s competence in its core technological development and overall competitive edge in coal-to-chemical industry, enabling us to seize the immense opportunities presented by the Government’s energy strategy to utilize China’s abundant coal reserves as alternative resources”

Wison Engineering has always been committed to technological innovation in petrochemical and coal-to-chemicals industry. With an 8,000-squaremeter laboratory used for R&D and a pilot base in the Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park, Wison Engineering made remarkable achievements in the technology development and engineering in the areas of  ethylene cracking, olefin separation, coal gasification, coal-to-chemical energy saving etc..  While focusing on frontiers of science in the world that have a significant influence on peoples’ daily lives, Tianjin University possesses a number of China’s leading technologies in energy and chemical sector, particularly in distillation technologies, newly developed chemical catalyst, reaction technologies and emerging areas of coal-to-chemical and C1 chemical process  etc..

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