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Employees are our primary assets, being the most dynamic and important resource within the company.

We advocate growth and sharing the harmonious spirit among our staff members, encouraging them to develop along with the company. We aim to build a ”free, vivacious, diligent and teamwork-focused” atmosphere for our employees. We respect and trust our staff and offer training opportunities to broaden their career path which will assist them to fulfill their values and help our customers to achieve success.

We favor talented people that are compatible with our corporate culture. Whether they are experienced professionals or graduates with great potential, we eagerly encourage them to join us if they identify with our values.


We welcome professionals who have relevant work experience and are ready to face any challenge to join us. We will create exciting opportunities to help them develop their job, and offer a professional working environment to explore new heights in their career.

Campus Recruitment

We hold campus recruitment sessions every year at specific colleges to look for excellent graduates showing great potential to join us. These vigorous, fresh students inject vitality into our working environment, and can be further developed into a skillful professional under our graduate training program.

Through our graduate training program, we offer the following benefits:

Complete Training Plan

We formulate complete training plans for every recruited college graduate which covers the entire training period.


We appoint experienced staff members to mentor the newly recruited graduates. They offer guidance and answer their questions in relation to their specialty. The mentors also help graduates get familiar with their working environment, help solve any problems that may occur, and provide advice on work and life.


Graduates have job flexibility when they come into the company. They can choose to work in the department they see fit. During the training period, we offer many opportunities for our workers to ensure that they are in the appropriate position that allows them to work hard and contribute their part.

Professional Teams and Outstanding Partners

Our professional teams and study-oriented organizational atmosphere can help college graduates acquire the necessary knowledge and skills needed to succeed. Here outstanding partners will become your tutors and friends. You can learn about our culture and values in a friendly open environment and quickly integrate yourself in the company.

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