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“Show Kindness and Generosity and Disperse a Humanitarian Influence”. While focused on providing education resources, Wison never forgets to show concern for people’s livelihood on a larger scale.

In February 2008, we experienced an exceptionally heavy snow that covered almost half of China. The power was cut off to a large portion of southern China and transportation was also blocked. In this snow disaster, nearly 100 million of China’s population was affected. Wison raised donations from within the Group with the slogan of “Showing Your Love and Affection to People in Disaster Areas”.

In May 2008, Wenchuan was struck by an earthquake. Nearly 100,000 Chinese people became victims of this natural disaster. Wison collected donations for the earthquake-hit areas with the slogan of “Keeping watch for Beichuan”, which gained enthusiastic responses from our employees. While the company initially donated 1 million RMB, every Wison’s employee donated 1 yuan to the disaster areas, which was matched yuan-for-yuan by the Wison Group. Within a few days, an additional1.57 million RMB was collected and sent to people in disaster areas through Pengzhou Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs. Meanwhile, the company had an emergency contact with a qualified vendor that could meet the quality standard and urged them to produce 200 tents, which were instantly sent to the earthquake-hit disaster areas.

Wison has just taken an initial step into the realm of public welfare. In the future, we can do more. On the road to creating an internationally top-ranking corporation focused on science and technology with industrialization as our core and with the aim of leading prosperity and livelihood, we will keep our promise, make contributions to charities, work hard for the common dream shared by our employees, shareholders and partners, and display our company as one for which we can be proud to be associated with.

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