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Only by having a deeply-rooted vision in the mind and practice of every employee, can we enable an advanced QHSE culture and secure the safety and health of every person on the job. As such, at Wison we have instilled the motto “QHSE ranks first in your personal values”. Through this initiative, Wison provides a variety of QHSE activities for its employees and contractors in order to help educate and strengthen this understanding of the QHSE culture.

  • Distribute a QHSE bulletin e-mail once a week to share the QHSE experience with every Wisoner as well as the Company’s vision regarding the safety and health of the employees. This bulletin includes examples of incidents on a project as well as common hazards that can occur in your daily life.
  • The QHSE Management brochure and the HSE Construction brochure are rich in content. Working together with the Wison QHSE system, they guide the employees’ daily life and work.
  • The Energy Saving and Emission Reduction brochure provides insight into the various aspects of the initiative, such as research and development, design, purchase, construction and administration. Through the management for Wison’s projects, the brochure is designed to enforce the ‘Green Engineering’ concept within all employees.
  • The ‘QHSE Observation Card’, located at the company’s reception desk, is a channel for any individual Wison employee, visiting customer or partner, to give advice or suggestions regarding Wison’s QHSE management procedures.
  • Wison has two safety and environmental protection activities in which employees participate: i.e. ‘Safety Is More Outstanding Because of Me’, and ‘Green Engineering’. These activities provide a sense of safety and of the comprehensive, detailed environmental protection measures necessary in every Wisoner’s life. With the continual development of the two activities, the sense and measures will be continuously strengthened until they are an integral part of every Wisoner’s workflow.

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