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Science and technology emphasize an exploration of the unknown world; whereas art stresses the abstract representation of the objective world. Both require a passion for creation. Finding a new path that integrates technology with art is a natural idea that has led to the establishment of the Wison Art Centre. We hope to portray the relationship between science and technology and art by showcasing a humanitarian spirit and innovative thinking in the artists who are creating artistic exploration. We expect every member of the Wison staff and other science and technology companies to combine their innovative ideas with their pursuit for perfection and reflect that in every project and product we can contribute to our society.


Since its establishment in 2005, the Wison Art Centre has successfully held over 30 art exhibitions, such as, the China-Italy Famous Paintings Exhibition, Impressions about Nanjing: Exhibition of Art Work from Nanjing University Institute of Fine Arts, Waking Insects International Art Exhibition, and the “Year 2008 Shanghai International Pottery Artists Invitation Exhibition.

Several significant names in the art world have made appearances at the Wison Art Centre. This includes Professor Sandelo from the Rome Institute of Fine Arts, who also holds the position of President of the Rome Biannual Exhibition and one of the representatives of New Fauvism, noted painter Mr. Chen Danqing, Professor Wu Weishan, President of Chinese National Institute of Sculpture along with other prestigious artists from home and abroad. Their works left a lasting impression on all of our visitors.

Over the years, more than 200 artists and 600 works of art have been exhibited here in different ways, attracting numerous artists, art groups from home and abroad and members from other companies resident in the Zhangjiang High Sci-Tech Park to visit, exchange opinions and hold exhibitions. The year-long art exhibitions not only allow employees in the science and technology businesses to experience different forms of art and the development trend of art, but it also exposes them to a new form of culture not normally found in the atmosphere of a business park.

Many artists who come to the Wison Art Centre to have their works exhibited are also active in public service activities for Wison. They donate some of the exhibition works to raise money for the Wison Hope Primary School. In 2007, the Wison Group was rated as a Social Responsibility Exemplary Business in Zhangjiang High Sci-Tech Park in consideration of its hosting of many art exhibition and charity activities.

All year long the Wison Sci-Tech Park exhibits more than 50 sculptures and paintings were donated by the China Institute of Fine Arts, Central Institute of Fine Arts and overseas artists. As a result, the Wison Art Centre has gradually become an important place for people in the Sci-Tech Park to attend exhibits, hold art workshops and promote and publicize their works. We welcome all art lovers to visit and share their works and opinions.

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