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“Wison” is an English transliteration of the Chinese phrase “Hui Sheng” which means “Benefit people and all living things”. Thus, the company name asserts the collective intention to protect not only the planet but the people Wison employs and the contractors with whom Wison partners.

Wison Offshore & Marine has adopted a unique approach to ensure that its activities achieve the highest international standards of quality, health, safety and environmental protection. This is accomplished by the establishment of a corporate culture that centers on international QA/QC and HSE systems and validations. Wison has also worked closely with leaders in the oil and gas industry to standardize and implement HSE and quality policies, processes and procedures. In addition, this collaborative effort aims to set up a system for continuous improvement based on valuable lessons gleaned from previous projects and personnel experience.

Wison’s HSE target: NOBODY GETS HURT



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