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PDVSA-Modules for RPLC Refinery Plant

  • Client : Hyundai Engineering and Construction(for the PDVSA Deep Conversion Project)
  • System : Onshore refinery plant modules
  • Description : 26,400t
  • Location : Puerto La Cruz Refinery, Venezuela
  • Delivery : September 2016
  • Wison Scope : Overall management for module fabrication, shop design, procurement of partial materials, steel structure fabrication, piping fabrication, equipment installation, electrical installation, fireproofing, painting, insulation, module weighing and load-out.

PEMEX COSL7 Modular Drilling Rig

  • Client : COSL Oil-Tech Singapore Ltd. (for PEMEX)
  • System : Offshore drilling rig modules
  • Description : 3000 tons
  • Location : Tsimin blocks, Gulf of Mexico
  • Delivery : May 2014
  • Wison Scope:fabrication and project management incl. shop design, procurement of material and partial equipment, construction, loadout & seafastening, site connection and commissioning assistance.



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