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  • Clinet : Exmar Marine NV
  • System : Floating LNG liquefaction and storage unit
  • Description :Length144m X Breath32m X Depth20m
  • Design Draft : 5.4 m
  • Throughput :
    1. Liquefaction: 72 MMscf/d (≈ 500,000 tons of LNG per annum)
    2. Storage: 16,100 m3
  • Hull : permanently-moored, non-propelled
  • Delivery : 4Q 2016
  • Wison Scope : Engineering, procurement, construction, transportation, installation and commissioning and start-up.
  • Overview : The Exmar FLNG project is the world’s first FLNG which achieved liquefaction production and readiness for commercial operation. The FLNG unit consists of a non-propelled barge equipped to convert 72 million cubic feet of gas a day into LNG (or about 500,000 ton per annum). The Liquefied gas is temporarily stored in the tanks onboard and can subsequently be offloaded to LNG carriers.


  • Clinet : EXMAR NV
  • System : Floating storage and regasification unit
  • Description : Length:120m X Breath 33m X Depth22.5m;
  • Design Draft : 7 m
  • Regasification capacity: 600MMSCFD
    1. Storage capacity: 25,000m3 (IHI SPB tank)
    2. Hull: Permanently-moored, non-propelled barge
    3. Accommodation block: For 28POB
  • Wison Scope : Turnkey engineering, procurement, construction.