The Wison Offshore & Marine approach to the supply of offshore systems is to directly integrate and align state-of-the-art designs with world class fabrication. In this regard, our focus is toward the following fundamental principles relating to project execution and delivery:

Wison places an extremely high value on ensuring that the best technology is used for a project; however, we feel that technology should not necessarily be the determining factor in what type of system is chosen for a development. Therefore, while we have the experience and capability to design and offer nearly every type of floating facility, we have no pre-determined or proprietary preference in the form. We will only provide a system that the client determines is the best fit for their purpose.


Floating Production Systems

Wison's floating production systems project team is made up of industry leaders in FEED and EPCI delivery, and has produced over 80 floating production facilities to date.


LNG Facilities

An increasing number of operators are seeking offshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities to monetize their large-scale gas projects and Wison can help.



Wison is capable of providing full scope delivery services for modules to be used on fixed or floating production units or as part of a larger plant, such as an onshore LNG.


Drilling Rigs

By employing some of the industry's best experts, Wison has continuously expanded its drilling rig capabilities and has delivered a number of modular drilling components.


Marine Vessels

Wison delivers a wide variety of marine vessels to regional and global clients.Our areas of expertise include dry transport ships and many others.



Wison has extensive experience and a proven track record in the design and supply of high-quality cranes and major lifting equipment for the international market.


Other Solutions 

Often in collaboration with Houston-based sister company Wison Offshore Technology, Inc., Wison can offer a variety of innovative solutions to the offshore industry.

Wison Engineering

Wison Offshore & Marine

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