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Brand Story


Wison has been actively making innovations, taking lead to meet market demand and providing outcomes exceeding client’s expectation, so as to bring new vigor to the energy industry and make the world a better place.


We believe energy that Wison devotes itself all helps the world run better. We are an innovator within a traditional industry, and promise to push the industry even further. We are actively making innovations, taking lead to meet market demands so as to bring new vigor to the energy industry when changes and challenges happen.


In the past 20 years, we’ve always put our customers first and fulfilled their trust. We are hard-worker instead of empty talking, we are team-worker and an explorer. It’s in our DNA to strive to be “always better.”


Today, we want to extend beyond ourselves, starting a new Wison, wiser and more mature. We innovate, change, break through and act as a demand leader. We have an insight into the market and help customers to achieve dreams through exceeding expectations. We make increasingly refined judgments about the industry trends before actions. We work creatively to inspire more possibilities in energy. We break the business borders to extend industry value chain. We develop technology innovation to make production more effectively. We leverage capital and digital technology to subvert traditions and benefit stakeholders.


We are committed to be more scientific, more efficient, more diverse, and more innovative for our customers, helping to revive and invigorate the industry. The new Wison works with customers and partners to achieve more.


Wison.Ignite innovation.


Brand Slogan:


Wison.Ignite innovation

 “Igniting” is the beginning of a very powerful chemical reaction. And that’s what Wison does. Through our new data processes, downstream expansion, and global investments, we are bringing the accessibility to energy to another level– we are igniting something new in a traditional energy and chemical industry.



New Logo:




The brand new brand identity breaks through the tradition, adopts the combination of graphic and character, and expresses a refreshing feeling, announcing the new chapter of Wison in high and vigorous spirits.


The graphic part retains the original red brand logo, and the brand name chooses the dark blue color which represents technicalization and digitization, and the combination of the two colors represents that Wison starts a journey into the bright future with profound brand accumulation. The design of the logo is concise and ultimate, and the transformation of lines represents Wison’s accumulation over the past 20 years and its new starting point, and expresses our great expectations for the future. The overall appearance of the graphic presents an exploratory line of continuous interaction and upward development, conveys a dynamic feeling, and represents that Wison has the courage to break through the tradition, pursue for innovation, lead the demands, make the transition through digitization, and glow with new vitality.

Engineering Services——Quality services, tailor-made with passion.

Wison provides the customers with optimal services for long-term mutual development.
Following the principle of “customer-oriented”, Wison Engineering provides one-stop and all-round quality services with its unique and advanced service philosophy, making a name both for the customer and itself.

Clean Energy——Sustainable products, crafted with passion.

Wison offers our partners the-best-in-class reliable products that sustain their operations, while putting strong efforts in environmental protection.
As a leading industrial gas provider in China, Wison supplies long-lasting, high-quality and stable products to customers. Meanwhile, it demonstrates care for the environment by investing considerably in a high-efficient renewable economy, aiming to achieve sustainability both for customers and itself.

Offshore & Marine——Integrated solutions, delivered with passion.

In pursuit of excellence, Wison delivers optimal and integrated solutions to customers from different perspectives.
With a global reach, Wison Offshore & Marine has brought together an elite international team and managed to offer optimized services to customers, helping them as well as itself to exceed every expectation.

Wison Engineering

Wison Offshore & Marine

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