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Brand Story

As Wison's business has been growing and continuing to make progress in its specialized industries in the last 15 years , the Wison brand image is also becoming more distinctive and defined. And who also get clear who will best represent Wison brand - They are just our passionate Wisoners , who make all the miracle changes happen in the past years.

Descriptions of Images and Headlines for each business

Wison’s “Passion Powering Progress” emerged from our business segments. Whether in our Engineering Services, Clean Energy or Offshore & Marine divisions, each member of the Wison Group instills passion into their work to exceed clients’ expectations. It is our passion that powers every project toward excellence and in turn provides the ultimate benefit not only to our clients, partners, and employees, but also to our goals of social progress and environmental prosperity.

Engineering Services——Quality services, tailor-made with passion.

Wison provides the customers with optimal services for long-term mutual development.
Following the principle of “customer-oriented”, Wison Engineering provides one-stop and all-round quality services with its unique and advanced service philosophy, making a name both for the customer and itself.

Clean Energy——Sustainable products, crafted with passion.

Wison offers our partners the-best-in-class reliable products that sustain their operations, while putting strong efforts in environmental protection.
As a leading industrial gas provider in China, Wison supplies long-lasting, high-quality and stable products to customers. Meanwhile, it demonstrates care for the environment by investing considerably in a high-efficient renewable economy, aiming to achieve sustainability both for customers and itself.

Offshore & Marine——Integrated solutions, delivered with passion.

In pursuit of excellence, Wison delivers optimal and integrated solutions to customers from different perspectives.
With a global reach, Wison Offshore & Marine has brought together an elite international team and managed to offer optimized services to customers, helping them as well as itself to exceed every expectation.